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 How Does It Works

How to Use Your Green Haven PlaySphere™:

Activating and Deactivating the Rolling Ball:

  • On/Off: To turn the PlaySphere™ on or off, simply short press the on/off button.

Switching Between Modes:

  • Mode Change: When the PlaySphere™ is powered on, you can switch between modes by long-pressing the switch button.

Smart Mode:

  • Indicator: The blue indicator light will illuminate for 3 seconds to signify Smart Mode is active.
  • Operation: The ball will automatically enter a standby state after 5 minutes of play.
  • Reactivation: A gentle tap or slap will wake it up and resume play.

Normal Mode:

  • Indicator: The green indicator light will illuminate for 3 seconds to indicate Normal Mode.
  • Operation: The ball will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of continuous operation.


Crafted from high-quality ABS and soft silicone, ensuring durability and safety for your pet.

Diameter: 43mm – perfectly sized for playful paws.

Approximately 40g – lightweight for easy rolling and interactive fun.

Battery Capacity:
Equipped with a long-lasting 80mAh battery, providing hours of autonomous play on a single charge.


Green Haven PlaySphere™ Toy Ball x 1

  • The interactive and rechargeable smart ball designed to keep your cat engaged and active. Made with high-quality ABS and silicone, it’s durable and safe for endless play sessions.

USB Charging Cable x 1

  • A convenient charging cable to ensure your PlaySphere™ is always ready for action. Easily recharge the toy for continuous fun and entertainment.

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