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Garden design and landscape construction

Within the Green Haven Team we have many years of experience in landscape design and construction of stunning garden spaces, our team of highly skilled and motivated landscapers have worked with every kind of challenge they are presented with. Our landscaping service covers all areas from relatively simple and small-scale jobs such as repairs to fencing, decking, paving, and brickwork, to full-scale construction and landscaping projects.

Our landscaping service cover all areas from:

- Turfing

- Fencing

- Brickwork

- Paving

- Timber work

- Decking

- Ponds and Water features

- Pergolas

- Ground works such as levelling and terracing

- Benches

- Bin stores

- Outdoor storage

- Bespoke irrigation systems

- Green roofs

- Sleeper Beds

And many more!

When it comes to your outdoor space, the Green Haven Team can take on any project no matter how big or small.

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